It's a Trap!

from by The Freedmen's Bureau

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You and I, you and I were truly meant to be, I thought I heard you saying you were free. Well I was hoping, were you just talking? Why can’t you talk to me?!

(Hopefully,) it’s just something that works itself out…

Life gets in the way of living. Temptations and trials knock us down and getting up doesn’t seem worth the effort. Life gets harder and harder, it gets worse before it gets better, and downhill we roll until these eyes close. You do see light though it’s constantly blocked by shadow, a door in the way of a lit room. No time to slow, in motion constantly moving with no way out but one. And we all do escape in the end, where that end lies, we know not. It awaits us, hiding in the dark when we least expect, it takes us away to where we go from here. But there is worth. There is worth that’s worth fighting for, pushing through the constant downward pull. Spiraling into madness that pulls the lids over our eyes hiding the truth. The truth that there is more. More to it than what we’re shown, a world awaiting that no flesh can hold. And it starts here, and is here, it was brought here, but has been fought to be hidden for so long. But we know better. Better than to stay and push it to the back of our minds, fight to bring it to the forefront and into the light so faintly familiar. That place we long for and seek is closer than we think, underneath the feet we walk on and all around, being built by those willing to sacrifice and serve, to follow the One that lived for it and died for it. A kingdom not built by hands, but love. Not made of walls, but of broken people. Led by a King undefeated. Whose ways are His own, undefiled by those who drop His name. And You are here! You are eternal, O’ God. Never ending, never ceasing, consistent and never changing. You are love, the very essence of existence. Necessary and perfect. Never ending and sovereign. Independent of all, yet personal and ever-present. Without hesitation, You sent Your Son. A sacrifice of complete selflessness, reaching out to the undeserving and unworthy. The only One deserving of praise. The only One worthy of praise. No one higher than You. You are set apart and none can fathom Your greatness. You penetrate and destroy any thought barrier You are put in. You have overcome the world that has tried so hard to ignore you and overthrow You. And You still love us all. One day, every hating and doubting, loving and believing tongue will confess Your Holy name, and every resistant and willing knee will bow in Your magnificent presence, where impossibility ceases to exist. When this world ends, You will be. When this life ends, You will be. When time itself ends, You will be. When beliefs, differences, and ideas fall, Your Truth will stand strong, unshakable, unchangeable, undefeatable, never ending, forever and ever. Because You, God, are Holy.


from 3 Years Later, released September 19, 2015



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The Freedmen's Bureau Whittier, California

Making loud noises since May 2012

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